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Welcome to the Abilene and Brownwood Money Clip website! Click on the cover to view this month's publication.

Abilene Money Clip
Brownwood Money Clip
Abilene Money Clip
Brownwood Money Clip

Why the Money Clip and Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Marketing Can
help open markets you never knew existed
Maintain loyalty among current customers
Add a big boost to your repeat business

Postal Certification* verifies you reach virtually every occupied household in Abilene, and 11,000 households in Brownwood, and 70,000 homes and apartments in the Waco area.

The Magazine:

Offers you full color printing, that delivers YOUR impressive quality advertising message.


We can include your preprinted insert piece in our product for much less than mailing on you own. If you are looking for saturation or zip code distribution to all occupied households in one or all of our three markets, we will save you money.

Print & Deliver:

The Money Clip can create, print and insert an advertising piece JUST FOR YOU. Deliver your message to all occupied households, or specify certain zip codes. This piece can be one – or two – sided and carry as many as eight ink colors.

Power Pages:

Enjoy the power of full city distribution by sharing the 8.5 X 11” advertising insert with others. Power pages are printed on quality white paper and include black plus one color ink.

*Postal Certification of paid delivery pieces is available on request.

One Price
No Hidden Charges
Design, Print Layout & Mail